(20 ILCS 3515/16) (from Ch. 127, par. 736)
    Sec. 16. Investment of funds. The State authority may invest any funds in bonds, notes, certificates of indebtedness, treasury bills or other securities constituting direct obligations of or obligations guaranteed by the United States of America; in certificates of deposit or time deposits constituting direct obligations of any bank or savings and loan association authorized to do business in this State, provided, however, that investments may be made only in those certificates of deposit or time deposits in banks or savings and loan associations which are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, if then in existence; or in short term discount obligations of the Federal National Mortgage Association. Any such securities may be purchased at the offering or market price thereof at the time of such purchase.
    No bank or savings and loan association shall receive public funds as permitted by this Section, unless it has complied with the requirements established pursuant to Section 6 of "An Act relating to certain investments of public funds by public agencies", approved July 23, 1943, as now or hereafter amended.
(Source: P.A. 83-541.)