(20 ILCS 3475/25)
    Sec. 25. Powers and duties of the Board. The Board shall:
    (a) Set policies and establish programs for implementation in support of the mission and goals of the Agency.
    (b) Create and execute such seminars, symposia, or other conferences as may be necessary or advisable to the Agency.
    (c) Report annually to the Governor and the General Assembly on the status of the Agency and its programs.
    (d) Accept, hold, maintain, and administer, as trustee, property given in trust for education or historic purposes for the benefit of the people of the State of Illinois and dispose of any property under the terms of the instrument creating the trust.
    (e) Accept, hold, maintain, and administer donated property of historical significance, such as books, papers, records, and personal property of any kind, including electronic and digital property, pursuant to gifting instruments, agreements, or deeds of gift, including but not limited to the King Hostick Public Trust Fund, and enter into such agreements as may be necessary to carry out the Board's duties and responsibilities under this Section.
    (f) Lease concessions at the Library and Museum. All leases, for whatever period, shall be made subject to the written approval of the Governor's Office of Management and Budget. All concession leases extending for a period in excess of 10 years shall contain provisions for the Agency to participate, on a percentage basis, in the revenues generated by any concession operation.
    (g) Enforce the laws of the State and the rules of the Agency.
    (h) Cooperate with private organizations and agencies of the State of Illinois by providing areas and the use of staff personnel where feasible for the sale of publications on the historic and cultural heritage of the State and craft items made by Illinois craftsmen. These sales shall not conflict with existing concession agreements. The Board is authorized to negotiate and approve agreements with the organizations and agencies for a portion of the moneys received from sales to be returned to the Agency for the furtherance of interpretative and restoration programs.
    (i) Accept offers of gifts, gratuities, or grants from the federal government, its agencies, or offices, or from any person, firm, or corporation.
    (j) Subject to the provisions of the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act, make reasonable rules as may be necessary to discharge the duties of the Agency.
    (k) Charge and collect admission fees and rental for access to and use of the facilities of the Library and Museum.
    (l) Operate a restaurant, cafe, or other food serving facility at the Museum or lease the operation of such a facility under reasonable terms and conditions, and provide vending services for food, beverages, or other products deemed necessary and proper, consistent with the purposes of the Library and Museum.
    (m) Engage in marketing activities designed to promote the Library and Museum. In undertaking these activities, the Board may take all necessary steps with respect to products and services, including, but not limited to, retail sales, wholesale sales, direct marketing, mail order sales, telephone sales, advertising and promotion, purchase of product and materials inventory, design and printing and manufacturing of new products, reproductions, and adaptations, copyright and trademark licensing and royalty agreements, and payment of applicable taxes. In addition, the Board shall have the authority to sell advertising in its publications and printed materials.
(Source: P.A. 100-120, eff. 8-18-17.)