(20 ILCS 3435/.02) (from Ch. 127, par. 133c.02)
    Sec. .02. For purposes of this Act:
    (a) "Archaeological resource" means any significant material remains or localities of past human life or activities on public land, including but not limited to artifacts, historic and prehistoric human skeletal remains, mounds, earthworks, shipwrecks, forts, village sites or mines.
    (b) "Disturb" includes defacing, mutilating, injuring, exposing, removing, destroying, desecrating or molesting in any way.
    (c) "Paleontological resource" means any significant fossil or material remains on public lands including traces or impressions of animals or plants that occur as part of the geological record that are known and are included in the files maintained by the Illinois State Museum under Section 10.
    (d) "Person" means any natural individual, firm, trust, estate, partnership, association, joint stock company, joint venture, corporation or a receiver, trustee, guardian or other representative appointed by order of any court, the federal and State governments, including State universities created by statute or any city, town, county or other political subdivision of this State.
    (e) "Public land" means any land owned, but does not include land leased as lessee, by the State of Illinois or its agencies, a State university created by statute, a municipality or a unit of local government.
(Source: P.A. 86-459; 86-707.)