(20 ILCS 3005/7.2)
    Sec. 7.2. Quarterly financial reports. The Office shall prepare and publish a quarterly financial report to update the public and the General Assembly on the status of the State's finances. At a minimum, each report shall include the following information:
        (1) A review of the State's economic outlook.
        (2) A review of general funds revenue performance,
both quarterly and year to date, and an evaluation of that performance.
        (3) The outlook for future general funds revenue
performance, including projections of future general funds revenues.
        (4) An assessment of the State's financial position,
including a summary of general fund receipts, transfers, expenditures, and liabilities.
        (5) A review of Statewide employment statistics.
        (6) Other information necessary to present the status
of the State's finances.
        (7) For the report covering the fourth quarter of
State fiscal year 2015 only, the report shall also include the information described in subsection (e) of Section 8.50 of the State Finance Act.
In addition, the fourth quarter report for each fiscal year shall include a summary of fiscal and balanced budget notes issued by the Office to the General Assembly during the prior legislative session. Each report shall be posted on the Office's website within 45 days.
(Source: P.A. 99-2, eff. 3-26-15.)