(20 ILCS 3005/6) (from Ch. 127, par. 416)
    Sec. 6. In performing its responsibility under Section 2.1, to assist the Governor in submitting a recommended budget, the Office shall:
    (a) Distribute to all state agencies the proper blanks necessary to the preparation of budget estimates, which blanks shall be in such form as shall be prescribed by the Director, to procure, among other things, information as to the revenues and expenditures for the preceding fiscal year, the appropriations made by the General Assembly for the preceding fiscal year, the expenditures therefrom, obligations incurred thereon, and the amounts unobligated and unexpended, an estimate of the revenues and expenditures of the current fiscal year, and an estimate of the revenues and amounts needed for the respective departments and offices for the next succeeding fiscal year.
    (b) Require from each state agency its estimate of receipts and expenditures for the succeeding fiscal year, accompanied by a statement in writing giving facts and explanation of reasons for each item of expenditure requested.
    (c) Make, at the discretion of the Director, further inquiries and investigations as to any item desired.
    (d) Approve, disapprove or alter the estimates.
(Source: P.A. 93-25, eff. 6-20-03.)