(20 ILCS 2640/10)
    Sec. 10. Duties of the Department. The Department may:
    (a) provide a uniform reporting format for the entry of pertinent information regarding the report of an arrested organized gang member or organized gang affiliate into SWORD;
    (b) notify all law enforcement agencies that reports of arrested organized gang members or organized gang affiliates shall be entered into the database as soon as the minimum level of data specified by the Department is available to the reporting agency, and that no waiting period for the entry of that data exists;
    (c) develop and implement a policy for notifying law enforcement agencies of the emergence of new organized gangs, or the change of a name or other identifying sign by an existing organized gang;
    (d) compile and retain information regarding organized gangs and their members and affiliates, in a manner that allows the information to be used by law enforcement and other agencies, deemed appropriate by the Director, for investigative purposes;
    (e) compile and maintain a historic data repository relating to organized gangs and their members and affiliates in order to develop and improve techniques utilized by law enforcement agencies and prosecutors in the investigation, apprehension, and prosecution of members and affiliates of organized gangs;
    (f) create a quality control program regarding confirmation of organized gang membership and organized gang affiliation data, timeliness and accuracy of information entered into SWORD, and performance audits of all entering agencies;
    (g) locate all law enforcement agencies that could, in the opinion of the Director, benefit from access to SWORD, and notify them of its existence; and
    (h) cooperate with all law enforcement agencies wishing to gain access to the SWORD system, and facilitate their entry into the system and their continued maintenance of access to it.
(Source: P.A. 87-932.)