(20 ILCS 2635/9) (from Ch. 38, par. 1609)
    Sec. 9. Procedural Requirements for Disseminating Conviction Information.
    (A) In accordance with the time parameters of Section 6 and the requirements of subsection (B) of this Section 9, the Department shall either: (1) transmit conviction information to the requester, including an explanation of any code or abbreviation; (2) explain to the requester why the information requested cannot be transmitted; or (3) inform the requester of any deficiency in the request.
    (B) Prior to a non-automated dissemination or within 30 days subsequent to an automated dissemination made pursuant to this Act, the Department shall first conduct a formal update inquiry and review to make certain that the information disseminated is complete, except (1) in cases of exigency, (2) upon request of another criminal justice agency, (3) for conviction information that is less than 30 days old, or (4) for information intentionally fabricated upon the express written authorization of the Director of State Police to support undercover law enforcement efforts.
    It shall be the responsibility of the Department to retain a record of every extra-agency dissemination of conviction information for a period of not less than 3 years. Such records shall be subject to audit by the Department, and shall, upon request, be supplied to the individual to whom the information pertains for requests from members of the general public, corporations, organizations, employers, employment agencies, labor organizations and non-criminal justice agencies. At a minimum, the following information shall be recorded and retained by the Department:
        (1) The name of the individual to whom the
disseminated information pertains;
        (2) The name of the individual requesting the
        (3) The date of the request;
        (4) The name and address of the private individual,
corporation, organization, employer, employment agency, labor organization or non-criminal justice agency receiving the information; and
        (5) The date of the dissemination.
(Source: P.A. 91-357, eff. 7-29-99.)