(20 ILCS 2635/23) (from Ch. 38, par. 1623)
    Sec. 23. Construction. (A) The provisions of this Act shall be construed to afford the maximum feasible protection to the individual's right to privacy and enjoyment of his good name and reputation and shall be construed to apply to both manual and automated criminal history record information systems wherever possible.
    (B) The provisions of this Act shall be construed to make government agencies accountable to individuals in the collection, use, and dissemination of conviction information based upon positive fingerprint identification relating to them.
    (C) Nothing in this Act shall be construed as restricting or prohibiting the dissemination of criminal history record information to a requesting criminal justice agency or peace officer or the dissemination of local criminal history record information maintained by criminal justice agencies on behalf of units of local government to members of the general public requesting such information.
(Source: P.A. 85-922.)