(20 ILCS 2635/11) (from Ch. 38, par. 1611)
    Sec. 11. Dissemination requests Not Based Upon Fingerprint Identification. (A) When a requester is not legally mandated to submit positive fingerprint identification to the Department or when a requester is precluded from submitting positive fingerprint identification to the Department due to exigency, an appropriate warning shall be issued by the Department indicating that the information furnished cannot be identified with certainty as pertaining to the individual named in the request and may only be relied upon as being accurate and complete if the requester has first complied with the requirements of subsection (B) of Section 7.
    (B) If the identifying information submitted by the requester to the Department corresponds to more than one individual found in the files maintained by the Department, the Department shall not disclose the information to the requester, unless it is determined by the Department that dissemination is still warranted due to exigency or to administer the criminal laws. In such instances, the Department may require the requester to submit additional identifying information or fingerprints in the form and manner prescribed by the Department.
(Source: P.A. 85-922.)