(20 ILCS 2605/2605-435) (was 20 ILCS 2605/55a in part)
    Sec. 2605-435. Electronic criminal surveillance; assistance to local authorities. To do the following:
        (1) Promulgate rules pertaining to the certification,
revocation of certification, and training of law enforcement officers as electronic criminal surveillance officers.
        (2) Provide training and technical assistance to
State's Attorneys and local law enforcement agencies pertaining to the interception of private oral communications.
        (3) Promulgate rules necessary for the administration
of Article 108B of the Code of Criminal Procedure of 1963, including but not limited to standards for recording and minimization of electronic criminal surveillance intercepts, documentation required to be maintained during an intercept, and procedures in relation to evidence developed by an intercept.
        (4) Charge a reasonable fee to each law enforcement
agency that sends officers to receive training as electronic criminal surveillance officers.
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