(20 ILCS 2605/2605-335) (was 20 ILCS 2605/55a in part)
    Sec. 2605-335. Conviction information for private child services organization. Upon the request of any private organization that devotes a major portion of its time to the provision of recreational, social, educational, or child safety services to children, to conduct, pursuant to positive identification, criminal background investigations of all of that organization's current employees, current volunteers, prospective employees, or prospective volunteers charged with the care and custody of children during the provision of the organization's services, and to report to the requesting organization any record of convictions maintained in the Department's files about those persons. The Department shall charge an application fee, based on actual costs, for the dissemination of conviction information pursuant to this Section. The Department is empowered to establish this fee and shall prescribe the form and manner for requesting and furnishing conviction information pursuant to this Section.
    Information received by the organization from the Department concerning an individual shall be provided to the individual. Any such information obtained by the organization shall be confidential and may not be transmitted outside the organization and may not be transmitted to anyone within the organization except as needed for the purpose of evaluating the individual. Only information and standards that bear a reasonable and rational relation to the performance of child care shall be used by the organization.
    Any employee of the Department or any member, employee, or volunteer of the organization receiving confidential information under this Section who gives or causes to be given any confidential information concerning any criminal convictions of an individual shall be guilty of a Class A misdemeanor unless release of the information is authorized by this Section.
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