(20 ILCS 2421/45)
    Sec. 45. Committee of Blind Vendors.
    (a) The Secretary, through the Director, shall provide for the biennial election of the Committee, which shall be fully representative of all blind licensees in the State. There shall be no fewer than one Committee member for each 15 licensed blind vendors in the State.
    (b) The Committee is empowered to hire staff; contract for consultants including, but not limited to, legal counsel; set agendas and call meetings; create a constitution and bylaws, subcommittees, and budgets; and do any other thing a not-for-profit organization may do through the use of the Blind Vendors Trust Fund. At the discretion of the Committee major issues may be referred for initial consideration to a subcommittee, or to all blind vendors in order to ascertain their views.
    (c) The Secretary shall ensure that the Committee jointly participates with the State in the development and implementation of all policies, plans, program development, and major administrative and management decisions affecting the Business Enterprise Program for the Blind. The Secretary, through the Director, shall provide to the Committee all relevant financial information and data, including quarterly and annual financial reports, on the operation of the vending facility program in order that the Committee may fully participate in budget development and formulation, the establishment of set-aside levels, and other program requirements. A copy of all completed audits, reports, and investigations affecting the Business Enterprise Program for the Blind shall be distributed to the Committee in a timely manner. Any implementation of changes in administrative policy or program development that are within the discretion of the Department shall occur only after Committee review.
(Source: P.A. 96-644, eff. 1-1-10.)