(20 ILCS 2335/10)
    Sec. 10. Advisory Board.
    (a) There is created the Advisory Board on Community Health Workers. The Board shall consist of 16 members appointed by the Director of Public Health. The Director shall make the appointments to the Board within 90 days after the effective date of this Act. The members of the Board shall represent different racial and ethnic backgrounds and have the qualifications as follows:
        (1) four members who currently serve as community
health workers in Cook County, one of whom shall have served as a health insurance marketplace navigator;
        (2) two members who currently serve as community
health workers in DuPage, Kane, Lake, or Will County;
        (3) one member who currently serves as a community
health worker in Bond, Calhoun, Clinton, Jersey, Macoupin, Madison, Monroe, Montgomery, Randolph, St. Clair, or Washington County;
        (4) one member who currently serves as a community
health worker in any other county in the State;
        (5) one member who is a physician licensed to
practice medicine in Illinois;
        (6) one member who is a physician assistant;
        (7) one member who is a licensed nurse or advanced
practice registered nurse;
        (8) one member who is a licensed social worker,
counselor, or psychologist;
        (9) one member who currently employs community
health workers;
        (10) one member who is a health policy advisor with
experience in health workforce policy;
        (11) one member who is a public health professional
with experience with community health policy; and
        (12) one representative of a community college,
university, or educational institution that provides training to community health workers.
    (b) In addition, the following persons or their designees shall serve as ex officio, non-voting members of the Board: the Executive Director of the Illinois Community College Board, the Director of Children and Family Services, the Director of Aging, the Director of Public Health, the Director of Employment Security, the Director of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, the Secretary of Financial and Professional Regulation, the Director of Healthcare and Family Services, and the Secretary of Human Services.
    (c) The voting members of the Board shall select a chairperson from the voting members of the Board. The Board shall consult with additional experts as needed. Members of the Board shall serve without compensation. The Department shall provide administrative and staff support to the Board. The meetings of the Board are subject to the provisions of the Open Meetings Act.
    (d) The Board shall consider the core competencies of a community health worker, including skills and areas of knowledge that are essential to bringing about expanded health and wellness in diverse communities and reducing health disparities. As relating to members of communities and health teams, the core competencies for effective community health workers may include, but are not limited to:
        (1) outreach methods and strategies;
        (2) client and community assessment;
        (3) effective community-based and participatory
methods, including research;
        (4) culturally competent communication and care;
        (5) health education for behavior change;
        (6) support, advocacy, and health system navigation
for clients;
        (7) application of public health concepts and
        (8) individual and community capacity building and
mobilization; and
        (9) writing, oral, technical, and communication
(Source: P.A. 99-581, eff. 1-1-17; 100-513, eff. 1-1-18.)