(20 ILCS 2310/2310-612)
    Sec. 2310-612. Blindness prevention grants.
    (a) From funds appropriated from the Blindness Prevention Fund, a special fund created in the State treasury, the Department must make grants to charitable or educational entities in Illinois for the purpose of funding (i) public education on the importance of eye care and the prevention of blindness and (ii) the provision of eye care to children, senior citizens, and other needy individuals whose needs are not covered by any other source of funds.
    (b) Grants under this Section must be awarded on both a statewide and regional basis, taking into consideration each region's contributions to the Fund. At least 25% of the grants must be made to regional grantees.
    (c) A grant under this Section shall be made for a period of one year and, subject to the availability of funds, may be renewed by the Department.
    (d) The Department must create an advisory committee to make recommendations to the Department concerning grant proposals. The advisory committee shall consist of one representative from the Illinois Society for the Prevention of Blindness, one licensed doctor of optometry, one member of the Gateway Lions & Partners, one optometric educator from a school of optometry located within Illinois, and one member from the general public. Members of the advisory committee may not receive compensation or reimbursement for their services. Members of the committee must recuse themselves from consideration of any grant proposals submitted by any entity from which they were appointed.
    (e) The Department must adopt any rules necessary to implement and administer this Section, including, without limitation, a methodology for determining regions of the State.
(Source: P.A. 94-602, eff. 8-16-05.)