(20 ILCS 1825/4) (from Ch. 129, par. 404)
    Sec. 4. Notwithstanding Section 3, no compensation is payable under this Act unless a claim therefor is filed, within the time specified by that Section with the Court of Claims on an application prescribed and furnished by the Attorney General and setting forth:
    (a) the name, address and rank or grade in which the guardsman was serving at the time of this death;
    (b) the names and addresses of person or persons designated by the guardsman to receive the compensation and, if more than one, the percentage or share to be paid to each such person, or if there has been no such designation, the name and address of the personal representative of the estate of the guardsman;
    (c) a full, factual account of the circumstances resulting in or the course of events causing the death of the guardsman; and
    (d) such other information as the Court of Claims reasonably requires.
    When a claim is filed, the Attorney General shall make an investigation for substantiation of matters set forth in such an application.
(Source: P.A. 85-1241.)