(20 ILCS 1705/68)
    Sec. 68. CHOICE demonstration program.
    (a) The Department may establish a 2-year supported employment demonstration program entitled Consumers Have Options for Integrated Competitive Employment (CHOICE). The purpose of CHOICE is to increase opportunities for employment of persons with disabilities by allowing consumers to decide for themselves what their job goals are, what services and supports they need to reach these goals, and where they will obtain them.
    (b) A person with a developmental disability who is not already in supported employment is eligible to apply for assistance under CHOICE. To be considered eligible the individual must: (i) be able to advocate for himself or herself or have a capable advocate; (ii) have a job opportunity that he or she is unable to accept without specific services or supports; (iii) have a job that may be lost without particular services or supports; or (iv) have a job but need services or supports to achieve advancement.
    (c) An individual selected to participate in the CHOICE demonstration program must complete an individual plan of services and supports in a manner as prescribed. The plan shall identify the individual's employment barriers and employment goals, detail monthly and one-time expenses, and constitute an agreement between the participant and the CHOICE demonstration program regarding their mutual responsibilities.
    (d) Supports and services fundable by the CHOICE program include those that will make employment possible and are not being obtained through another funding source. The following supports or services are fundable: case management, transportation, readers and interpreters, medical and adaptive devices, benefits counseling, job coaching, and attendant care. The program shall be designed to allow creativity and flexibility in the process of developing solutions to employment barriers.
    (e) CHOICE participants shall provide employment information to the Department in a manner and form as prescribed by the Department for the purpose of determining how effective CHOICE is in helping them reach their employment goals. The Department shall report to the General Assembly on the implementation of this program no later than May 1, 1996 and again on May 1, 1997. The Department shall include in its report the number of CHOICE participants, the types of supports and services funded, the costs of the program, and its recommendations for development of new ways for persons with disabilities to achieve competitive employment and increased independence.
    (f) Funding for this demonstration program shall be from appropriations to the Department, or the Department may seek funding for this program from the Illinois Planning Council on Developmental Disabilities.
(Source: P.A. 89-67, eff. 6-30-95.)