(20 ILCS 1705/57.5)
    Sec. 57.5. Autism diagnosis education program.
    (a) Subject to appropriations, the Department shall contract to establish an autism diagnosis education program for young children. The Department shall establish the program at 3 different sites in the State. The program shall have the following goals:
        (1) Providing, to medical professionals and others
statewide, a systems development initiative that promotes best practice standards for the diagnosis and treatment planning for young children who have autism spectrum disorders, for the purpose of helping existing systems of care to build solid circles of expertise within their ranks.
        (2) Educating medical practitioners, school
personnel, day care providers, parents, and community service providers (including, but not limited to, early intervention and developmental disabilities providers) throughout the State on appropriate diagnosis and treatment of autism.
        (3) Supporting systems of care for young children
with autism spectrum disorders.
        (4) Working together with universities and
developmental disabilities providers to identify unmet needs and resources.
        (5) Encouraging and supporting research on optional
services for young children with autism spectrum disorders.
    In addition to the aforementioned items, on January 1, 2008, The Autism Program shall expand training and direct services by deploying additional regional centers, outreach centers, and community planning and network development initiatives. The expanded Autism Program Service Network shall consist of a comprehensive program of outreach and center development utilizing model programs developed by The Autism Program. This expansion shall span Illinois and support consensus building, outreach, and service provision for children with autism spectrums disorders and their families.
    (b) Before January 1, 2006, the Department shall report to the Governor and the General Assembly concerning the progress of the autism diagnosis education program established under this Section.
(Source: P.A. 95-707, eff. 1-11-08.)