(20 ILCS 1510/45)
    Sec. 45. Labor standards applicable to job projects.
    (a) Conditions of employment.
        (1) Conditions of employment and training shall be
appropriate and reasonable in light of factors such as the type of work, geographical region, and proficiency of the participant.
        (2) Health and safety standards established under
State and Federal law, otherwise applicable to working conditions of employees, shall be equally applicable to working conditions of participants.
        (3) No funds available under this Act may be used for
contributions on behalf of any participant to retirement systems or plans.
    (b) Displacement rules.
        (1) No currently employed worker shall be displaced
by any participant, including partial displacement such as a reduction in the hours of nonovertime work, wages, or employment benefits.
        (2) No job project shall impair existing contracts
for services or collective bargaining agreements, except that no job project under this Act which would be inconsistent with the terms of a collective bargaining agreement shall be undertaken without the written concurrence of the labor organization and employer concerned.
        (3) No participant shall be employed or job opening
filled when any other individual is on layoff from the same or any substantially equivalent job, or when the employer has terminated the employment of any regular employee or otherwise reduced its workforce with the intention of filling the vacancy so created by hiring a participant whose wages are subsidized under this Act.
        (4) No jobs shall be created in a promotional line
that will infringe in any way upon the promotional opportunities of currently employed individuals.
(Source: P.A. 93-46, eff. 7-1-03.)