(20 ILCS 830/2-2) (from Ch. 96 1/2, par. 9702-2)
    Sec. 2-2. Agency Action Plans. Within one year following passage of this Act each State agency serving on the Interagency Wetlands Committee shall prepare an Agency Action Plan, which shall be used as the agency's procedural plan for the implementation of this Act. Guidelines for Agency Action Plans shall be developed by the Department and reviewed by the Committee within 6 months of the effective date of this Act.
    (a) Minimum elements of each Agency Action Plan will include:
    (1) Provisions for both a consultation process with the Department and conflict resolution process through the Governor's office;
    (2) Procedures for the development of a Wetland Compensation Plan;
    (3) Procedures to scientifically monitor the success of wetland restoration/creation projects.
    (4) Procedures to minimize the destruction of wetlands caused or encouraged by State supported construction, land management, technical assistance, educational and other activities;
    (5) Procedures to increase the quantity and quality of wetlands as a standard component of agency activities including incentives for the creation of wetlands in the agency's regulation of activities for which wetland compensation plans are not required by this Act;
    (6) Procedures to coordinate the responsibilities contained within this Act with other State programs;
    (7) Procedures to ensure that historic and archaeological resources will not be negatively impacted by this Act; and
    (8) An acquisition policy related to implementation of this Act.
    (b) Agency Action Plans may also include: (1) procedures for the development and management of a Wetland Compensation Account; and (2) procedures to expedite the review of certain classes of projects.
    (c) Agency Action Plans shall be submitted to the Governor and the General Assembly after review and approval by the Department.
(Source: P.A. 86-157.)