(20 ILCS 715/15)
    Sec. 15. Standardized applications for State development assistance.
    (a) All final applications submitted to the Department or any other State granting body requesting development assistance shall contain, at a minimum:
        (1) An application tracking number that is specific
to both the State granting agency and to each application.
        (2) The office mailing addresses, office telephone
number, and chief officer of the granting body.
        (3) The office mailing address, telephone number,
4-digit SIC number or successor number, and the name of the chief officer of the applicant or authorized designee for the specific project site for which development assistance is requested.
        (4) The applicant's total number of employees at the
specific project site on the date that the application is submitted to the State granting body, including the number of full-time, permanent jobs, the number of part-time jobs, and the number of temporary jobs.
        (5) The type of development assistance and value of
assistance being requested.
        (6) The number of jobs to be created and retained or
both created and retained by the applicant as a result of the development assistance, including the number of full-time, permanent jobs, the number of part-time jobs, and the number of temporary jobs.
        (7) A detailed list of the occupation or job
classifications and number of new employees or retained employees to be hired in full-time, permanent jobs, a schedule of anticipated starting dates of the new hires and the anticipated average wage by occupation or job classification and total payroll to be created as a result of the development assistance.
        (8) A list of all other forms of development
assistance that the applicant is requesting for the specific project site and the name of each State granting body from which that development assistance is being requested.
        (9) A narrative, if necessary, describing why the
development assistance is needed and how the applicant's use of the development assistance may reduce employment at any site in Illinois.
        (10) A certification by the chief officer of the
applicant or his or her authorized designee that the information contained in the application submitted to the granting body contains no knowing misrepresentation of material facts upon which eligibility for development assistance is based.
    (b) Every State granting body either shall complete, or shall require the applicant to complete, an application form that meets the minimum requirements as prescribed in this Section each time an applicant applies for development assistance covered by this Act.
    (c) The Department shall have the discretion to modify any standardized application for State development assistance required under subsection (a) for any grants under the Industrial Training Program that are not given as an incentive to a recipient business organization.
(Source: P.A. 93-552, eff. 8-20-03.)