(20 ILCS 701/5)
    Sec. 5. Statement of findings. The General Assembly finds that:
        (1) Illinois must compete in an increasingly global
economy characterized by the use of advanced technologies to create new products and services and increase the efficiency of production;
        (2) those new technologies include, but are not
limited to, advanced telecommunications and computer technologies; advanced developments in biotechnology relating to health, medical science, and agriculture; advanced manufacturing methods; and advanced materials development;
        (3) to successfully compete in the new economy,
Illinois needs workers who are highly skilled in scientific, technical, and engineering occupations, including engineers; life and physical scientists; mathematical specialists; engineering and science technicians; computer specialists; and engineering, scientific, and computer managers;
        (4) workers in these occupations need in-depth
knowledge of the theories and principles of science, engineering, and mathematics; and
        (5) there is a need to increase the number of
secondary and postsecondary students preparing for and entering high technology occupations.
(Source: P.A. 92-250, eff. 8-3-01.)