(20 ILCS 701/45)
    Sec. 45. Grant selection. Applications for funding must be reviewed using the criteria in this Section. The Director must make final funding decisions. Review criteria include:
        (1) the appropriateness of the targeted industries
and occupations;
        (2) the appropriateness of the targeted student
        (3) the efforts to recruit female and minority
students into the project;
        (4) the strength of the local partnership and private
sector involvement;
        (5) the related experience and qualifications of the
project staff;
        (6) the quality of the project work plan;
        (7) the proposed project costs in relationship to
planned outcomes;
        (8) the relationship of the project to the
Department's economic development plans and initiatives;
        (9) the geographic distribution of grant awards
throughout the State; and
        (10) the quality of presentations made to the
Department, if the Department requests presentations.
(Source: P.A. 92-250, eff. 8-3-01.)