(20 ILCS 700/2001) (from Ch. 127, par. 3702-1)
    Sec. 2001. Technology Challenge Grant Program.
    (a) The Department may, subject to appropriated funds, establish a Technology Challenge Grant Program to provide initial grant funding requirements to help secure federal research and development projects for this State and to identify and develop technology programs capable of commercialization or establish one or more programs authorized under this Article as part of its Technology Challenge Grant Program Initiative to serve as a catalyst and assure a strong base to develop, transfer, or commercialize new technologies. The Department shall, pursuant to Section 2003 of this Article, evaluate which grant applications best serve the economic and technological objectives of the State.
    (b) Grants shall be awarded from appropriations made for that purpose to: (i) universities, colleges, community colleges, nonprofit research foundations or laboratories, State research institutions, industry technology associations, (ii) technology partnerships or technology consortiums established by a formal joint project agreement between: (1) two or more private industries, or (2) any combination of one or more private industries with one or more universities, colleges, community colleges, nonprofit research laboratories, nonprofit research foundations, or State research institutions, or (iii) any private enterprise developing or commercializing technology or leveraging federal technology development financing, including, but not limited to, the small business innovative research program.
(Source: P.A. 91-476, eff. 8-11-99.)