(20 ILCS 690/6) (from Ch. 5, par. 2256)
    Sec. 6. Application procedures. (a) Applications for financing shall be made in the form and manner as the Office prescribes. However, each application shall address the following details: (i) the agricultural or rural diversification project, (ii) the applicant's history, (iii) future market prospects, (iv) actual and pro forma income statements, (v) credit and financial information, (vi) employment projections, and (vii) related or other details as may be requested by the Office.
    (b) In reviewing the application, the Office shall consider the following, as well as other items as determined by the Office: (i) The essential need, which must be clearly documented, for the agricultural or rural diversification financing, as evidenced by rate of return, inadequate private market financing, inability to acquire financing from other State authorities or agencies, interstate competition of facilities, or other similar evidence of essential need for public financing. (ii) The applicant's financing capability and its ability to pay for, or secure the payment of, part of the proposed agricultural or rural diversification project. (iii) Documentation of an increase or potential increase in taxes or employment, a potential to retain existing jobs, or a potential improvement in the diversification of the rural economy or job market in relation to the financing requested.
(Source: P.A. 85-180.)