(20 ILCS 690/5) (from Ch. 5, par. 2255)
    Sec. 5. Agricultural and rural diversification financing.
    (a) The Office's financing to or on behalf of rural businesses or agribusinesses in the State shall be for the purpose of assisting in the cost of agricultural and rural diversification projects including (i) acquisition, construction, reconstruction, replacement, repair, rehabilitation, alteration, expansion or extension of real property, buildings or machinery and equipment but not the acquisition of unimproved land for the production of crops or livestock; (ii) working capital items including but not limited to, inventory, accounts receivable and prepaid expenses; (iii) organizational expenses including, but not limited to, architectural and engineering costs, legal services, marketing analyses, production analyses, or other professional services; (iv) needed leasehold improvements, easements, and other amenities required to prepare a site; (v) information, technical support and technical assistance contracts to local officials or not-for-profit agencies regarding private, state and federal resources, programs or grant assistances and the needs and opportunities for diversification; and (vi) when conducted in cooperation with federal reimbursement programs, financing costs including guarantee fees, packaging fees and origination fees but not debt refinancing.
    (b) Agricultural or rural diversification financing to a rural business or agribusiness under this Act shall be used only where it can be shown that the agricultural or rural diversification project for which financing is being sought has the potential to achieve commercial success and will increase employment, directly or indirectly retain jobs, or promote local diversification.
    (c) The Office shall establish an internal review committee with the Director of the Rural Affairs Council, or his designee, the Director of the Department of Agriculture, or his designee, and the Director of the Illinois Finance Authority, or his designee, as members to assist in the review of all project applications.
    (d) The Office shall not provide financing to a rural business or agribusiness unless the application includes convincing evidence that a specific agricultural or rural diversification project is ready to occur and will only occur if the financing is made. The Office shall also consider the applicability of other state and federal programs prior to financing any project.
(Source: P.A. 93-205, eff. 1-1-04.)