(20 ILCS 690/4) (from Ch. 5, par. 2254)
    Sec. 4. Powers of the Office. The Office has the following powers, in addition to those granted to it by other law:
    (a) To provide financing pursuant to the provisions of this Act, from appropriations made by the General Assembly from the General Revenue Fund, Federal trust funds, and the Rural Diversification Revolving Fund created herein, to or on behalf of rural business and agribusiness to promote rural diversification.
    (b) To provide financing in the form of direct loans and grants from State funds for qualifying agricultural and rural diversification projects independent of federal financial participation, except that no grants from State funds shall be made directly with a rural business.
    (c) To provide financing in the form of direct loans, grants, and technical assistance contracts from State funds for qualifying agricultural and rural diversification projects in coordination with federal financial participation in the form of loan guarantees, direct loans, and grant and technical assistance contract reimbursements.
    (d) To consider in the award of State funded financing the satisfaction of matching requirements associated with federal financing participation and the maximization of federal financing participation to the benefit of the rural Illinois economy.
    (e) To enter into agreements or contracts, accept funds or grants, and cooperate with agencies of the Federal Government, State or Local Governments, the private sector or non-profit organizations to carry out the purposes of this Act;
    (f) To enter into agreements or contracts for the promotion, application origination, analysis or servicing of the financings made by the Office pursuant to this Act;
    (g) To receive and accept, from any source, aid or contributions of money, property or labor for the furtherance of this Act and collect fees, charges or advances as the Department may determine in connection with its financing;
    (h) To establish application, notification, contract and other procedures and other procedures and rules deemed necessary and appropriate by the Office to carry out the provisions of this Act;
    (i) To foreclose any mortgage, deed of trust, note, debenture, bond or other security interest held by the Office and to take all such actions as may be necessary to enforce any obligation held by the Office;
    (j) To analyze opportunities and needs of rural communities, primarily those communities experiencing farm worker distress including consultation with regional commissions, governments, or diversification organizations, and work to strengthen the coordination of existing programs offered through the Office, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Natural Resources, the Illinois Finance Authority, the Cooperative Extension Service and others for rural and agribusiness development and assistance; and
    (k) To cooperate with an existing committee comprised of representatives from the Office, the Rural Affairs Council or its successor, the Department of Agriculture, the Illinois Finance Authority and others to coordinate departmental policies with other State agencies and to promote agricultural and rural diversification in the State.
    (l) To exercise such other right, powers and duties as are necessary to fulfill the purposes of this Act.
(Source: P.A. 93-205, eff. 1-1-04.)