(20 ILCS 688/15)
    Sec. 15. Purpose. The State of Illinois and its people will benefit for many years to come if new electric generating facilities are built that increase the in-State capacity to provide for current and anticipated electricity demand at a competitive price. The purpose of this Act is to enhance the State's energy security by ensuring that: (i) the State's vast and underutilized coal resources are tapped as a fuel source for new electric plants; (ii) the electric transmission system within the State is upgraded to more efficiently distribute additional amounts of electricity; (iii) well-paying jobs are created as new electric plants are built in regions of the State with relatively high unemployment; and (iv) pilot projects are undertaken to explore the capacity of new, often renewable sources of energy to contribute to the State's energy security.
(Source: P.A. 92-12, eff. 7-1-01.)