(20 ILCS 663/10)
    Sec. 10. Credit established. A person or entity that makes a qualified equity investment earns a vested right to tax credits as follows:
        (1) on each credit allowance date of the qualified
equity investment, the purchaser of the qualified equity investment, or subsequent holder of the qualified equity investment, is entitled to a tax credit during the taxable year including that credit allowance date;
        (2) the tax credit amount shall be equal to the
applicable percentage for such credit allowance date multiplied by the purchase price paid to the issuer of the qualified equity investment; and
        (3) the amount of the tax credit claimed shall not
exceed the amount of the State tax liability of the holder, or the person or entity to whom the credit is allocated for use pursuant to Section 15, for the tax year for which the tax credit is claimed.
    A company doing insurance business in this State claiming a tax credit against insurance premium taxes payable pursuant to Section 409 of the Illinois Insurance Code is not required to pay any additional retaliatory tax imposed pursuant to Section 444 or 444.1 of the Illinois Insurance Code related to that claim for a tax credit.
(Source: P.A. 95-1024, eff. 12-31-08.)