(20 ILCS 662/30)
    Sec. 30. Consistency of land use regulations and actions with comprehensive plans.
    (a) If a municipality or county is receiving assistance to write or revise a comprehensive plan, for 5 years after the effective date of the plan, land development regulations, including amendments to a zoning map, and any land use actions should be consistent with the new or revised comprehensive plan. "Land use actions" include preliminary or final approval of a subdivision plat, approval of a planned unit development, approval of a conditional use, granting a variance, or a decision by a unit of local government to construct a capital improvement, acquire land for community facilities, or both.
    (b) Municipalities and counties that have adopted official comprehensive plans in accordance with Division 12 of Article 11 of the Illinois Municipal Code or Section 5-14001 of the Counties Code or have adopted housing plans in accordance with the Affordable Housing Planning and Appeal Act, may be eligible for additional preferences in State economic development programs, State transportation programs, State education programs, State planning programs, State natural resources programs, and State agriculture programs.
(Source: P.A. 95-330, eff. 1-1-08.)