(20 ILCS 655/9.3)
    Sec. 9.3. Railroad right-of-way. Any business entity located in an enterprise zone shall be granted access to build facilities to cross a railroad right-of-way owned by a land management company and not a registered rail carrier for the purpose of conveyance of grain, aggregate, construction materials, and other commodities over, under, or across that right-of-way. A business entity whose facilities cross a right-of-way shall pay the land management company operating the right-of-way a one time standard crossing fee of $1,500 for each crossing plus the cost associated with modifications to existing insurance contracts of the land management company. The standard crossing fee shall be in lieu of any license, permit, application, or any other fee or charges to reimburse the land management company for the direct expense incurred by the land management company as a result of the crossing. The company shall also reimburse the land management company or rail carrier for any actual flagging expenses associated with the crossing in addition to the standard crossing fee.
(Source: P.A. 99-525, eff. 6-30-16.)