(20 ILCS 630/14)
    Sec. 14. Employment Administrators; powers and duties.
    (a) The Employment Administrator for each service delivery area has the powers and duties given in this Section and any additional duties given by the Coordinator.
    (b) Each Employment Administrator shall develop an emergency employment development plan for its service delivery area under guidelines developed by the Advisory Committee and submit it to the Coordinator within the period allowed by the Coordinator. To the extent feasible, the Employment Administrator shall seek input from potential eligible employers and the public. The Employment Administrator shall consult with local sources of information to identify current local needs, including, but not limited to, local Workforce Investment Boards, economic development councils, community action agencies, and local Labor Market Information from the Department of Employment Security.
    (c) Each Employment Administrator shall publicize the program within its service delivery area to seek maximum participation by eligible job applicants and employers.
    (d) Each Employment Administrator shall enter into contracts with eligible employers setting forth the terms of their participation in the program as required by this Act.
    (e) Each Employment Administrator shall screen job applicants and employers to achieve the best possible placement of eligible job applicants with eligible employers.
    (f) Each Employment Administrator shall maintain a list of eligible job applicants unable to secure employment under the program at the time of application. The list shall prioritize eligible job applicants and shall be used to fill jobs with eligible employers as they become available. Each Employment Administrator shall receive and coordinate referrals from other local organizations.
    (g) Each Employment Administrator shall cooperate with local educational and training institutions to coordinate and publicize the availability of their resources to assure that applicants may receive training needed before or while employed in jobs which are available under the program.
    (h) Each Employment Administrator may disburse funds not to exceed 1% of the amount allocated to its service delivery area for the purchase of supplies and materials for projects creating permanent improvements to public property.
(Source: P.A. 97-581, eff. 8-26-11.)