(20 ILCS 615/5) (from Ch. 23, par. 3455)
    Sec. 5. Director; duties.
    (a) The Director shall designate multipurpose service centers for displaced homemakers operated by community nonprofit agencies or organizations. To the greatest extent possible, the Director shall rely on such agencies or organizations whose major emphasis has been to provide social services.
    (b) The Director shall search for such nonprofit agencies or organizations to carry out the programs created under this Act.
    (c) The Director shall designate the agencies or organizations to carry out such programs.
    (d) The Director shall begin to provide the necessary funds to the nonprofit agencies or organizations to set up and begin the operation of the multipurpose service centers. Thereafter the Director shall provide the funds appropriated to the centers as the costs of the centers are incurred.
    (e) The Director shall, with the advice of the staff of the centers, promulgate rules and regulations to implement this Act. Such rules and regulations shall include eligibility of persons for job training programs, the level of stipends for the job training programs and a sliding fee scale for the service programs.
    (f) The Director, with the advice of the staff of the centers, shall by rule establish performance goals for the purpose of program evaluation. The goals shall be comparable to those established under the federal Job Training Partnership Act. The goals shall be renegotiated with the staff of the centers each biennium.
(Source: P.A. 87-878.)