(20 ILCS 525/5-5)
    Sec. 5-5. The Department of Children and Family Services ("the Department") shall convene and maintain a Statewide Foster Care Advisory Council to advise the Department with respect to all matters involving or affecting the provision of foster care to abused, neglected, or dependent children and their families.
    The responsibilities of the Council shall include:
        (1) Providing input on the issues that affect foster
care and the services received by children who are in the care of the Department and their families.
        (2) Identifying, analyzing, and recommending
solutions to any issue concerning foster care services.
        (3) Interpreting to the general public the need for
foster care the important service that foster parents provide.
        (4) Promoting the statewide exchange and pooling of
information in the area of foster care.
        (5) Participating in statewide planning and promoting
foster parent involvement in local planning concerning foster care services.
        (6) Reviewing and making recommendations on
Department foster care and child welfare service delivery policies, guidelines, and procedures.
        (7) Developing recommendations concerning foster care
training to improve the quality of foster care services children receive.
        (8) Reviewing and advising the Department on pending
or enacted legislation, primarily as concerns foster care services, and on the Department's responses or positions regarding that legislation.
        (9) Developing, as necessary, recommendations by
which the Department may improve the child welfare service delivery system, primarily on issues affecting the delivery of foster care services.
        (10) Reviewing, approving, and monitoring plans of
the Department's administrative regions and contract agencies providing foster care as required by the Foster Parent Law.
(Source: P.A. 89-19, eff. 6-3-95.)