(20 ILCS 215/4) (from Ch. 5, par. 2304)
    Sec. 4. Definitions. For the purposes of this Act:
    (a) "Aquaculture" means the controlled propagation, growth and harvest of aquatic organisms, including but not limited to fish, shellfish, mollusks, crustaceans, algae and other aquatic plants, by an aquaculturist.
    (b) "Aquaculturists" means individuals involved in producing, transporting or marketing aquatic products from privately owned waters for commercial purposes.
    (c) "Privately owned waters" means waters confined within an artificial containment, such as man-made ponds, vats, tanks, raceways and any other indoor or outdoor facility constructed wholly within or on the enclosed land of an owner or lessor.
    (d) "Director" means the Director of Agriculture.
    (e) "Department" means the Department of Agriculture.
    (f) "Aquatic products" means any aquatic plants and animals or their by-products that are produced, grown, managed, harvested and marketed on an annual, semi-annual, biennial or short term basis, in permitted aquaculture facilities.
    (g) "Permitted aquaculture facility" means a facility used by aquaculturists to breed, hatch, propagate or raise aquatic life permitted by the Department of Natural Resources pursuant to Section 20-90 of the Fish and Aquatic Life Code.
(Source: P.A. 89-445, eff. 2-7-96.)