(15 ILCS 535/1) (from Ch. 130, par. 43)
    Sec. 1. The State Treasurer may, within the amount of any appropriation for such purpose, purchase, either before or after maturity, any bond, note or other evidence of indebtedness of the State of Illinois which has been mutilated in any manner, upon the presentation to him of the principal and essential parts of the evidence of indebtedness. No more than par value plus accrued interest shall be paid for any such evidence of indebtedness. Any evidence of indebtedness so purchased shall be marked redeemed and cancelled and shall be disposed of in the manner provided by "An Act in relation to the cremation or sale of bonds, notes and other evidences of indebtedness, including interest coupons, which have been paid, redeemed or cancelled by the State of Illinois", approved July 17, 1941, as amended.
(Source: Laws 1953, p. 402.)