(15 ILCS 520/11) (from Ch. 130, par. 30)
    Sec. 11. Protection of public deposits; eligible collateral.
    (a) For deposits not insured by an agency of the federal government, the State Treasurer, in his or her discretion, may accept as collateral any of the following classes of securities, provided there has been no default in the payment of principal or interest thereon:
        (1) Bonds, notes, or other securities constituting
direct and general obligations of the United States, the bonds, notes, or other securities constituting the direct and general obligation of any agency or instrumentality of the United States, the interest and principal of which is unconditionally guaranteed by the United States, and bonds, notes, or other securities or evidence of indebtedness constituting the obligation of a U.S. agency or instrumentality.
        (2) Direct and general obligation bonds of the State
of Illinois or of any other state of the United States.
        (3) Revenue bonds of this State or any authority,
board, commission, or similar agency thereof.
        (4) Direct and general obligation bonds of any city,
town, county, school district, or other taxing body of any state, the debt service of which is payable from general ad valorem taxes.
        (5) Revenue bonds of any city, town, county, or
school district of the State of Illinois.
        (6) Obligations issued, assumed, or guaranteed by the
International Finance Corporation, the principal of which is not amortized during the life of the obligation, but no such obligation shall be accepted at more than 90% of its market value.
        (7) Illinois Affordable Housing Program Trust Fund
Bonds or Notes as defined in and issued pursuant to the Illinois Housing Development Act.
        (8) In an amount equal to at least market value of
that amount of funds deposited exceeding the insurance limitation provided by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or the National Credit Union Administration or other approved share insurer: (i) securities, (ii) mortgages, (iii) letters of credit issued by a Federal Home Loan Bank, or (iv) loans covered by a State Guarantee under the Illinois Farm Development Act, if that guarantee has been assumed by the Illinois Finance Authority under Section 845-75 of the Illinois Finance Authority Act, and loans covered by a State Guarantee under Article 830 of the Illinois Finance Authority Act.
    (b) The State Treasurer may establish a system to aggregate permissible securities received as collateral from financial institutions in a collateral pool to secure State deposits of the institutions that have pledged securities to the pool.
    (c) The Treasurer may at any time declare any particular security ineligible to qualify as collateral when, in the Treasurer's judgment, it is deemed desirable to do so.
    (d) Notwithstanding any other provision of this Section, as security the State Treasurer may, in his discretion, accept a bond, executed by a company authorized to transact the kinds of business described in clause (g) of Section 4 of the Illinois Insurance Code, in an amount not less than the amount of the deposits required by this Section to be secured, payable to the State Treasurer for the benefit of the People of the State of Illinois, in a form that is acceptable to the State Treasurer.
(Source: P.A. 95-331, eff. 8-21-07.)