(15 ILCS 335/11) (from Ch. 124, par. 31)
    Sec. 11. The Secretary may make a search of his records and furnish information as to whether a person has a current Standard Illinois Identification Card or an Illinois Person with a Disability Identification Card then on file, upon receipt of a written application therefor accompanied with the prescribed fee. However, the Secretary may not disclose medical information concerning an individual to any person, public agency, private agency, corporation or governmental body unless the individual has submitted a written request for the information or unless the individual has given prior written consent for the release of the information to a specific person or entity. This exception shall not apply to: (1) offices and employees of the Secretary who have a need to know the medical information in performance of their official duties, or (2) orders of a court of competent jurisdiction. When medical information is disclosed by the Secretary in accordance with the provisions of this Section, no liability shall rest with the Office of the Secretary of State as the information is released for informational purposes only.
    The Secretary may release personally identifying information or highly restricted personal information only to:
        (1) officers and employees of the Secretary who have
a need to know that information;
        (2) other governmental agencies for use in their
official governmental functions;
        (3) law enforcement agencies that need the
information for a criminal or civil investigation;
        (3-5) the State Board of Elections for the purpose of
providing the signatures required by a local election authority to register a voter through an online voter registration system or as may be required by an agreement the State Board of Elections has entered into with a multi-state voter registration list maintenance system; or
        (4) any entity that the Secretary has authorized, by
rule, to receive this information.
    The Secretary may not disclose an individual's social security number or any associated information obtained from the Social Security Administration without the written request or consent of the individual except: (i) to officers and employees of the Secretary who have a need to know the social security number in the performance of their official duties; (ii) to law enforcement officials for a lawful civil or criminal law enforcement investigation if the head of the law enforcement agency has made a written request to the Secretary specifying the law enforcement investigation for which the social security number is being sought; (iii) under a lawful court order signed by a judge; or (iv) to the Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs for the purpose of confirming veteran status.
(Source: P.A. 97-739, eff. 1-1-13; 97-1064, eff. 1-1-13; 98-115, eff. 7-29-13; 98-463, eff. 8-16-13; 98-1171, eff. 6-1-15.)