(15 ILCS 320/11) (from Ch. 128, par. 111)
    Sec. 11. Services of the State Library. Services provided to users of the State Library include but are not limited to circulation, reference, and interlibrary loan.
        (a) Circulation.
            (1) Library materials designated as circulating
shall be directly loaned on site to: State officials; members of the General Assembly and staff; State agency employees; individuals who hold valid Illinois public library cards; individuals who hold valid library cards from libraries with whom consortial agreements have been reached that specify reciprocal borrowing privileges; and other individuals as specified by the State Librarian or his or her designee.
            (2) Any individual requesting circulation of
material from the State Library must fill in an application for this service, thereby becoming officially recorded as a registered borrower of the State Library.
            (3) All requests for materials or information
will be kept confidential in accordance with the Library Records Confidentiality Act.
        (b) Reference.
            (1) Instructions on how to use the library and
its resources are available to any patron.
            (2) The quick provision of factual information
shall be provided to any individual.
            (3) Provision of research assistance shall be
provided to officials and employees of State government for work-related purposes.
        (c) Interlibrary loan.
            (1) Borrowing. Materials shall be borrowed from
other libraries on behalf of State officials, members of the General Assembly and staff, and State agency employees who are registered borrowers of the State Library for their work-related needs. Any fees for interlibrary loan lending shall be paid by the requesting patron or agency.
            (2) Lending. Circulating State Library materials
shall be loaned to other libraries that request the materials on behalf of their patrons.
(Source: P.A. 91-507, eff. 8-13-99.)