(10 ILCS 5/23-1.11a) (from Ch. 46, par. 23-1.11a)
    Sec. 23-1.11a. Election contest - Statewide - Assessment of Costs. The Supreme Court shall also make a determination of costs to be assessed, taking into consideration any recommended assessment of a Circuit Judge. The Court may decline to assess costs against a prevailing party, and may not assess costs in excess of $75,000 against any one party.
    All assessments shall be paid as the Supreme Court determines, but in such manner as to directly reimburse any election authority whose records or equipment were examined for the costs of such examination or the State Board of Elections, as the case may be. In the event a county or city controls the funds of an election authority, such county or city shall allocate the funds received in payment of such expenses as directed by the election authority.
(Source: P.A. 86-873.)