(10 ILCS 5/20-4) (from Ch. 46, par. 20-4)
    Sec. 20-4. Immediately upon the receipt of the official postcard or an application as provided in Section 20-3 within the times heretofore prescribed, the election authority shall ascertain whether or not such applicant is legally entitled to vote as requested, including verification of the applicant's signature by comparison with the signature on the official registration record card, if any. If the election authority ascertains that the applicant is lawfully entitled to vote, it shall enter the name, street address, ward and precinct number of such applicant on a list to be posted in his or its office in a place accessible to the public. Within one day after posting the name and other information of an applicant for a ballot, the election authority shall transmit that name and posted information to the State Board of Elections, which shall maintain the names and other information in an electronic format on its website, arranged by county and accessible to State and local political committees. As soon as the official ballot is prepared the election authority shall immediately deliver the same to the applicant in person, by mail, by facsimile transmission, or by electronic transmission as provided in this Article.
    If any such election authority receives a second or additional application which it believes is from the same person, he or it shall submit it to the chief judge of the circuit court or any judge of that court designated by the chief judge. If the chief judge or his designate determines that the application submitted to him is a second or additional one, he shall so notify the election authority who shall disregard the second or additional application.
    The election authority shall maintain a list for each election of the voters to whom it has issued vote by mail ballots. The list shall be maintained for each precinct within the jurisdiction of the election authority. Prior to the opening of the polls on election day, the election authority shall deliver to the judges of election in each precinct the list of registered voters in that precinct to whom vote by mail ballots have been issued.
    Election authorities may transmit by facsimile or other electronic means a ballot simultaneously with transmitting an application for vote by mail ballot; however, no such ballot shall be counted unless an application has been completed by the voter and the election authority ascertains that the applicant is lawfully entitled to vote as provided in this Section.
(Source: P.A. 98-1171, eff. 6-1-15.)