(5 ILCS 377/10-10)
    Sec. 10-10. Application; authorized contributions.
    (a) Beginning in calendar year 2012, each employer shall make available to each eligible individual a health savings account program, if that individual chooses to enroll in the program except that, for an employer who provides coverage pursuant to any one or more of subsections (i) through (n) of Section 10 of the State Employee Group Insurance Act, that employer may make available a health savings account program. An employer who makes a health savings account program available shall annually deposit an amount equal to one-third of the annual deductible into an eligible individual's health savings account. Unused funds in a health savings account shall become the property of the account holder at the end of a taxable year.
    (b) Beginning in calendar year 2012, an eligible individual may deposit contributions into a health savings account in accordance with the restrictions set forth in subsection (e) of Section 10-5.
(Source: P.A. 97-142, eff. 7-14-11; 97-644, eff. 12-30-11.)