(5 ILCS 365/6) (from Ch. 127, par. 356)
    Sec. 6. Sufficient copies of any authorization provided for by this Act shall be executed by the employee to enable the Department that prepares the voucher on which the employee's name appears to transmit a copy thereof to any Department required to certify or approve such vouchers, and the Department so preparing the voucher shall make such transmittals. Copies of such authorization need not be transmitted to the Department of Central Management Services. Authorizations for withholding and the termination of withholding for the purchase of United States Savings Bonds shall be filed with the Comptroller.
    Each Department and Office, in the preparation of vouchers, or payroll disbursing, is authorized and directed, in addition to other requirements of law, to indicate thereon:
        (1) the amount or amounts to be withheld from the
salary, wages or annuity of each employee or annuitant that has authorized such withholding under this Act;
        (2) the purpose or purposes of such withholding; and
        (3) the net amount payable to the employee or
    Voucher forms designed and approved by the comptroller under the provisions of Section 9a of "An Act in relation to State finance", approved June 10, 1919, as heretofore or hereafter amended, shall be so designed as to meet the requirements of this Section.
    Any Department required to approve vouchers shall approve vouchers prepared in accordance with this Act if they meet the requirements of other laws applicable thereto.
(Source: P.A. 82-789.)