(5 ILCS 100/1-20) (from Ch. 127, par. 1001-20)
    Sec. 1-20. "Agency" means each officer, board, commission, and agency created by the Constitution, whether in the executive, legislative, or judicial branch of State government, but other than the circuit court; each officer, department, board, commission, agency, institution, authority, university, and body politic and corporate of the State; each administrative unit or corporate outgrowth of the State government that is created by or pursuant to statute, other than units of local government and their officers, school districts, and boards of election commissioners; and each administrative unit or corporate outgrowth of the above and as may be created by executive order of the Governor. "Agency", however, does not include the following:
        (1) The House of Representatives and Senate and their
respective standing and service committees, including without limitation the Board of the Office of the Architect of the Capitol and the Architect of the Capitol established under the Legislative Commission Reorganization Act of 1984.
        (2) The Governor.
        (3) The justices and judges of the Supreme and
Appellate Courts.
        (4) The Legislative Ethics Commission.
        (5) The Illinois State Guard with respect to
regulations adopted under the Illinois State Guard Act.
(Source: P.A. 100-1030, eff. 8-22-18.)