(5 ILCS 80/6) (from Ch. 127, par. 1906)
    Sec. 6. Factors to be studied. In conducting the study required under Section 5, the Governor's Office of Management and Budget shall consider, but is not limited to consideration of, the following factors in determining whether an agency or program should be recommended for termination or continuation:
        (1) the extent to which the agency or program has
permitted qualified applicants to serve the public;
        (2) the extent to which the trade, business,
profession, occupation or industry being regulated is being administered in a nondiscriminatory manner both in terms of employment and the rendering of services;
        (3) the extent to which the regulatory agency or
program has operated in the public interest, and the extent to which its operation has been impeded or enhanced by existing statutes, procedures, and practices of any other department of State government, and any other circumstances, including budgetary, resource, and personnel matters;
        (4) the extent to which the agency running the
program has recommended statutory changes to the General Assembly that would benefit the public as opposed to the persons it regulates;
        (5) the extent to which the agency or program has
required the persons it regulates to report to it concerning the impact of rules and decisions of the agency or the impact of the program on the public regarding improved service, economy of service, and availability of service;
        (6) the extent to which persons regulated by the
agency or under the program have been required to assess problems in their industry that affect the public;
        (7) the extent to which the agency or program has
encouraged participation by the public in making its rules and decisions as opposed to participation solely by the persons it regulates and the extent to which such rules and decisions are consistent with statutory authority;
        (8) the efficiency with which formal public
complaints filed with the regulatory agency or under the program concerning persons subject to regulation have been processed to completion, by the executive director of the regulatory agencies or programs, by the Attorney General and by any other applicable department of State government; and
        (9) the extent to which changes are necessary in the
enabling laws of the agency or program to adequately comply with the factors listed in this Section.
(Source: P.A. 94-793, eff. 5-19-06.)