(5 ILCS 20/7) (from Ch. 1, par. 109)
    Sec. 7. The State Board of Elections created by the Election Code shall proceed, within 20 days after the election and sooner if all the returns are received, to canvass the votes given for and against said amendment or amendments, as shown by said abstracts, and if it appears that a majority of the electors voting in the election or 3/5 of the electors voting on any such proposed amendment have voted for the proposed amendment or amendments, the same shall by said board be declared adopted, and become a part of the Constitution of this State, and the Governor shall cause proclamation to be made of the result of the vote, and that said amendment has become a part of the Constitution, by publication in at least 2 newspapers published at the seat of government.
(Source: P.A. 77-2790.)