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2    WHEREAS, The Illinois Department of Corrections
3(Department) has approximately 47,000 inmates at its 27
4correctional centers; and
5    WHEREAS, In 2011, the Department of Healthcare and Family
6Services awarded a 10-year, $1.36 billion contract to Wexford
7Health Sources, Inc. (Vendor) to "provide comprehensive
8medical and mental health services to offenders [in the custody
9of the Department]... in order to maintain their health status,
10establish innovative and cost effective medical and
11administrative programs, improve the quality of care, provide
12acceptable, cost effective levels of staffing, [and]
13positively impact purchasing of pharmaceutical and/or medical
14supplies"; and
15    WHEREAS, Pursuant to the solicitation for the contract
16awarded to the Vendor, the Vendor is required to provide
17services at targeted performance levels (including compliance
18with staffing schedules, administrative directives, and
19treatment protocols) with any failure to meet the target levels
20of performance subjecting the Vendor to payment adjustments;
22    WHEREAS, Also pursuant to the solicitation, the Department



HR0057 Enrolled- 2 -LRB098 07984 GRL 38074 r

1is required to "conduct audits to confirm the validity of the
2performance guarantee results reported and enforce penalties
3as appropriate"; and
4    WHEREAS, At the time the solicitation was issued, the
5Department identified approximately 250 pending inmate
6healthcare lawsuits in which the State, its employees, or
7agents were named parties; and
8    WHEREAS, The National Commission on Correctional Health
9Care (NCCHC) has been accrediting correctional facilities
10since 1983 with their mission of improving the quality of
11healthcare that is delivered to patients in correctional
12facilities, according to national accepted, peer-reviewed, and
13evidence based standards; and
14    WHEREAS, The accreditation is an external review that
15assesses the sites compliance with 2008 Standards for Health
16Services; and
17    WHEREAS, The basis of all standards is to ensure inmates
18have access to the medical care needed to meet their health
19needs; this is the principle on which all NCCHC standards are
20based and is the basic principle established by the U.S.
21Supreme Court in the 1976 landmark case Estelle v. Gamble; and



HR0057 Enrolled- 3 -LRB098 07984 GRL 38074 r

1    WHEREAS, This process could determine the current level of
2the Department's medical practices, as the auditing process
3will be conducted by a national, independent organization that
4will audit the Department's practices against national
5correctional medicine best practices; therefore, be it
8the Illinois Department of Corrections is directed to select a
9sample of facilities to be surveyed, audited, and accredited by
10the NCCHC over the next 3 years; and be it further
11    RESOLVED, That the accreditation process is to include:
12        (1) an onsite visit;
13        (2) interviews with staff and inmates; and
14        (3) an extensive review of policies, practices, and
15    documentation; and be it further
16    RESOLVED, That the areas examined in the standards are to
18        (1) governance and administration;
19        (2) safety;
20        (3) personnel and training;
21        (4) health care services and support;
22        (5) inmate care and treatment;
23        (6) health promotion;



HR0057 Enrolled- 4 -LRB098 07984 GRL 38074 r

1        (7) special needs and services;
2        (8) health records; and
3        (9) medical-legal issues; and be it further
4    RESOLVED, That the facilities surveyed are to include
5Robinson, Southwestern, Graham, Pinckneyville, Illinois River,
6Logan, Dixon, and Stateville Correctional Centers; and be it
8    RESOLVED, That the Department commence this accreditation
9as soon as possible and report any findings, recommendations,
10and results upon completion to the Illinois General Assembly;
11and be it further
12    RESOLVED, That any changes to policy or practices driven by
13either the survey or audit process at any of the above-listed
14facilities be implemented throughout Department facilities