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Full Text of HB2725  100th General Assembly


Rep. Tom Demmer

Filed: 2/23/2017





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 2725 by replacing
3everything after the enacting clause with the following:
4    "Section 5. The Recreational Trails of Illinois Act is
5amended by adding Section 50 as follows:
6    (20 ILCS 862/50 new)
7    Sec. 50. Federal obligation limitation. The Department may
8enter into agreements as necessary with the Federal Highway
9Administration, or any successor agency, for the purpose of
10authorizing federal obligation limitations for projects under
11the federal Recreational Trails Program; provided however, the
12Department and the Illinois Department of Transportation shall
13enter into an inter-agency agreement to closely coordinate the
14obligation of projects authorized by the Illinois Division
15Office of the Federal Highway Administration to maximize
16federal funding opportunities.



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1    Section 10. The Illinois Highway Code is amended by
2changing Section 3-105 as follows:
3    (605 ILCS 5/3-105)  (from Ch. 121, par. 3-105)
4    Sec. 3-105. Except as otherwise provided in the Treasurer
5as Custodian of Funds Act, all money received by the State of
6Illinois from the federal government for aid in construction of
7highways shall be placed in the "Road Fund" in the State
8Treasury. For the purposes of this Section, money received by
9the State of Illinois from the federal government under the
10Recreational Trails Program for grants or contracts obligated
11on or after October 1, 2017 shall not be considered for use as
12aid in construction of highways, and shall be placed in the
13"Park and Conservation Fund" in the State treasury.
14    Whenever any county having a population of 500,000 or more
15inhabitants has incurred indebtedness and issued Expressway
16bonds as authorized by Division 5-34 of the Counties Code and
17has used the proceeds of such bonds for the construction of
18Expressways in accordance with the provisions of Section 15d of
19"An Act to revise the law in relation to roads and bridges",
20approved June 27, 1913, as amended (repealed) or of Section
215-403 of this Code in order to accelerate the improvement of
22the National System of Interstate Highways, the federal aid
23primary highway network or the federal aid highway network in
24urban areas, the State shall appropriate and allot, from the



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1allotments of federal funds made available by Acts of Congress
2under the Federal Aid Road Act and as appropriated and made
3available to the State of Illinois, to such county or counties
4a sum sufficient to retire the bonded indebtedness due annually
5arising from the issuance of those Expressway bonds issued for
6the purpose of constructing Expressways in the county or
7counties. Such funds shall be deposited in the Treasury of such
8county or counties for the purpose of applying such funds to
9the payment of the Expressway bonds, principal and interest due
10annually, issued pursuant to Division 5-34 of the Counties
12(Source: P.A. 86-1475.)".