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Full Text of SB0325  99th General Assembly


Sen. Scott M. Bennett

Filed: 5/27/2016





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 325 by replacing
3everything after the enacting clause with the following:
4    "Section 1. Short title. This Act may be cited as the
5Mahomet Aquifer Protection Task Force Act.
6    Section 5. Mahomet Aquifer Protection Task Force created.
7There is created the Mahomet Aquifer Protection Task Force to
8address the issue of maintaining the clean drinking water of
9the Mahomet Aquifer, the principal aquifer in east-central
10Illinois. The Mahomet Aquifer Protection Task Force shall
11consist of the following persons:
12        (1) one member of the Senate, appointed by the
13    President of the Senate;
14        (2) one member of the House of Representatives,
15    appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives;
16        (3) one member of the Senate, appointed by the Minority



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1    Leader of the Senate;
2        (4) one member of the House of Representatives,
3    appointed by the Minority Leader of the House of
4    Representatives;
5        (5) one member representing the Illinois Environmental
6    Protection Agency, appointed by the Director of the
7    Illinois Environmental Protection Agency;
8        (6) one member representing a national waste and
9    recycling organization, appointed by the Governor;
10        (7) one member representing a statewide environmental
11    organization, appointed by the Governor;
12        (8) three members representing a non-profit consortium
13    dedicated to the sustainability of the Mahomet Aquifer,
14    appointed by the Governor;
15        (9) one member representing the Illinois State Water
16    Survey of the Prairie Research Institute of the University
17    of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, appointed by the
18    Governor;
19        (10) one member representing a community health care
20    organization located over the Mahomet Aquifer, appointed
21    by the Governor; and
22        (11) three members representing municipal or county
23    governments located over the Mahomet Aquifer, appointed by
24    the Governor.
25    Members shall be appointed within 90 days after the
26effective date of this Act. The members of the Mahomet Aquifer



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1Protection Task Force shall serve without compensation.
2    Section 10. Administrative support. The Illinois
3Environmental Protection Agency shall provide administrative
4and other support to the Mahomet Aquifer Protection Task Force.
5    Section 15. Duties of Mahomet Aquifer Protection Task
6Force. The Mahomet Aquifer Protection Task Force shall conduct
7a study of the Mahomet Aquifer in furtherance of:
8        (1) developing a State plan to maintain the groundwater
9    quality of the Mahomet Aquifer;
10        (2) maintaining safe levels of toxic chemicals in the
11    groundwater of the Mahomet Aquifer;
12        (3) identifying potential and current contamination
13    threats to the water quality of the Mahomet Aquifer; and
14        (4) making legislative recommendations for future
15    protection of the Mahomet Aquifer.
16    Section 20. Report. On or before January 1, 2017 the
17Mahomet Aquifer Protection Task Force shall report its findings
18and recommendations to the General Assembly, by filing copies
19of its report as provided in Section 3.1 of the General
20Assembly Organization Act, and to the Governor.
21    Section 90. Expiration. This Act is repealed on April 1,



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1    Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
2becoming law.".