Rep. Kelly Burke

Filed: 5/7/2015





09900SB0057ham001LRB099 05449 JLS 35214 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 57 on page 14, line
310, by deleting "501.1,"; and
4on page 14, line 13, by replacing "602.10" with "602.10,
5602.11"; and
6on page 40, line 22, by inserting "allocated parenting time,"
7after "on"; and
8on page 68, by replacing lines 13 through 21 with the
10    "parties;
11        (10) all sources of public and private income
12    including, without limitation, disability and retirement
13    income;
14        (11) (9) the tax consequences of the property division
15    upon the respective economic circumstances of the parties;



09900SB0057ham001- 2 -LRB099 05449 JLS 35214 a

1        (12) (10) contributions and services by the party
2    seeking maintenance to the education, training, career or
3    career potential, or license of the other spouse;
4        (13) (11) any valid agreement of the parties; and
5        (14) (12) any other factor that the court expressly
6    finds to be just and equitable."; and
7on page 76, line 7, by replacing "custodial parent" with
8"parents custodial parent"; and
9on page 76, by replacing lines 10 through 14 with the
11            "(d) the physical, mental, and emotional needs of
12        the child; and
13            (d-5) the educational needs of the child. ; and
14            (e) the financial resources and needs of the
15        non-custodial parent."; and
16on page 81, by replacing lines 5 through 7 with the following:
17"the Clerk of the Circuit Court or to the parent receiving the
18support or to the guardian receiving the support having custody
19or to the guardian having custody of the children of the"; and
20on page 88, by replacing lines 11 through 14 with the
22"provision requiring either parent to report to the other



09900SB0057ham001- 3 -LRB099 05449 JLS 35214 a

1parent and to the clerk of court within 10 days each time
2either parent obtains new employment, and each time either
3parent's the obligor to report to the obligee and to the clerk
4of court within 10 days each time the obligor obtains new
5employment, and each time the obligor's"; and
6on page 88, by replacing lines 20 through 26 with the
8"is indirect criminal contempt. For either parent arrested for
9failure to report new employment bond shall be set in the
10amount of the child support that should have been paid during
11the period of unreported employment. An order entered under
12this Section shall also include a provision requiring either
13parent to advise the any obligor arrested for failure to report
14new employment bond shall be set in the amount of the child
15support that should have been paid during the period of
16unreported employment. An order entered under this Section
17shall also include a provision requiring the obligor and
18obligee parents to advise each other of a change in residence
19within 5"; and
20on page 110, line 21, by replacing "if" with "if,"; and
21on page 116, line 4, by replacing "and" with "or"; and
22on page 120, line 22, by replacing "or" with "a"; and



09900SB0057ham001- 4 -LRB099 05449 JLS 35214 a

1on page 128, by replacing lines 20 and 21 with the following:
2    "(a) If the court awards parenting time to both parents
3joint custody under Section 602.1 or visitation rights under";
5on page 130, line 12, by inserting "or the issue of the
6allocation of parental responsibilities has been reserved
7under Section 401," after "responsibilities,"; and
8on page 136, by deleting lines 6 through 9; and
9on page 136, line 10, by replacing "(e)" with "(d)"; and
10on page 136, line 24, by replacing "(f)" with "(e)"; and
11on page 137, line 17, by replacing "this Section" with "this
12Act"; and
13on page 138, line 25, by replacing "(e)" with "(d)"; and
14on page 141, line 17, by inserting "a" after "in"; and
15on page 146, line 5, by replacing "(e)" with "(d)"; and
16on page 146, line 24, by replacing "(e)" with "(d)"; and



09900SB0057ham001- 5 -LRB099 05449 JLS 35214 a

1on page 147, line 6, by replacing "(e)" with "(d)"; and
2on page 148, line 16, by inserting after the period the
4"The agreement is binding upon the court unless it finds, after
5considering the circumstances of the parties and any other
6relevant evidence produced by the parties, that the agreement
7is unconscionable."; and
8on page 152, by inserting immediately below line 12 the
10    "(750 ILCS 5/602.11 new)
11    Sec. 602.11. Access to health care, child care, and school
12records by parents.
13    (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, access to
14records and information pertaining to a child including, but
15not limited to, medical, dental, child care, and school records
16shall not be denied to a parent for the reason that such parent
17has not been allocated parental responsibility. A parent who is
18not allocated parenting time (not denied parental
19responsibility) is not entitled to access to the child's school
20or health care records unless a court finds that it is in the
21childıs best interests to provide those records to the parent.
22    (b) Health care professionals and health care providers



09900SB0057ham001- 6 -LRB099 05449 JLS 35214 a

1shall grant access to health care records and information
2pertaining to a child to both parents, unless the health care
3professional or health care provider receives a court order or
4judgment that denies access to a specific individual. Except as
5may be provided by court order, no parent who is a named
6respondent in an order of protection issued pursuant to the
7Illinois Domestic Violence Act of 1986 or the Code of Criminal
8Procedure of 1963 shall have access to the health care records
9of a child who is a protected person under the order of
10protection provided the health care professional or health care
11provider has received a copy of the order of protection. Access
12to health care records is denied under this Section for as long
13as the order of protection remains in effect as specified in
14the order of protection or as otherwise determined by court
15order."; and
16on page 162, line 23, by replacing "cross examination" with