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Full Text of SR1751  99th General Assembly




SR1751LRB099 21051 GRL 46173 r


2    WHEREAS, The State of Illinois is currently experiencing a
3fiscal crisis and is considering a multitude of options to
4solve the State's economic concerns; and
5    WHEREAS, A proposed tax on advertising and
6advertising-related services to generate revenue to balance
7the State's budget has been contemplated by some in the State's
8leadership; and
9    WHEREAS, A tax on advertising has proven to slow economic
10growth; no other state in the nation specifically applies a
11sales tax to advertising; and
12    WHEREAS, The State of Florida previously imposed a tax on
13advertising and advertising-related services, only to see a
14loss of jobs and personal income due to lost advertising
15revenue; Florida also saw ad purchases decrease by 12% and go
16to neighboring states, ultimately resulting in a loss of $100
17million in advertising revenue and a repeal of the tax 6 months
18later; and
19    WHEREAS, A tax on advertising in Illinois would cripple the
20ability of business owners, both large and small, to market
21goods and services and cause the businesses to inevitably lose



SR1751- 2 -LRB099 21051 GRL 46173 r

1customers; and
2    WHEREAS, A tax on advertising would devastate the
3advertising industry in Illinois, driving revenue and jobs to
4neighboring states and hurting Illinois' already fragile
5economy; and
6    WHEREAS, The advertising industry in Illinois helps
7generate 17.3% of Illinois' economic activity and produces over
8900,000 jobs; and
9    WHEREAS, An additional tax on advertising is
10counterintuitive and goes against the pro-business, pro-jobs,
11pro-growth policies that should be under careful consideration
12as Illinois seeks to regain sound financial footing; therefore,
13be it
15ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we state our firm
16opposition to any additional taxes on advertising or
17advertising-related services; and be it further
18    RESOLVED, That we state our belief that Illinois' present
19fiscal crisis must be managed in other ways besides a new tax
20on business owners throughout the State.